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The Second MOST FUN you can have on water!

A clone of Arnie Gray and George Wooldridge's famous 10-foot, two-seat GW INVADER!!!*

It's a testament to the popularity (and marketability) of the ten footer that over the years a handful of companies have copied the design. In some cases the company gained possession of original molds after GW Invader folded. In other cases slight differences are apparent in the design. Maybe they modified original molds, maybe they made their own.
Marada, Bumble Bee, Exhilerator were (still are?) all produced by boat manufacturers. I also know of at least two private individuals who have Invader molds and have layed up boats using them.

Below is the Exhilerator 101B. The deck is slightly different, notice the white area of the deck is raised at the front. GWs are flat here. Also there are no holes in the motor well. All controls pass through the deck on the starboard side. But the basic design is clearly an Invader.
If you're having trouble getting your hands on an Invader you might try looking for one of these. As of February 2020 was offering them in wholesale packages to dealers. I assume they are still being manufactured.

April 2018 - Scott from Tennesse sent me photos of his recently acquired Bumble Bee HoneyBee. He says it is a 1991 model.
In his email he gave some history on these boats....
"Bumble Bee specialized in producing Bass Boats in Tullahoma Tennessee from 1972 to 2007 when Phoenix Bass Boats acquired the molds, equipment, and many of their longtime employees. The company moved out of the original Bumble Bee Factory and relocated to larger facilities in Winchester Tennessee...."
The HoneyBee is obviously a copy of the GW Invader with some slight differences in the motor well.
Thanks for the photos Scott, it's a great looking boat! Those bass boat manufacturers sure do love that metal flake.

Nick came across my website and sent me these photos of his boat. He tells me this one is another Bumble Bee - more of that metal flake! He says this one came out of the old Tullahoma factory.
Looks good, dig the cozy seat! Thanks, Nick!

Marada is another copy of the GW Invader.
These three were sold in an estate auction in Kentucky.

They look pretty nice. Notice the padded dashboard and side rails. A radio and speakers, too! I've never seen that in an Invader.

Also notice it has a 55 mph speedo.
With a 60 horse Merc strapped on you'd probably need it!

Here is another Marada Mini Sportster...

I don't know what this one is. It's not a GW Invader.
Note the long, shallow slopes fore and aft of the dashboard. Invaders have a much shorter, steeper rise.
It definitely gives the boat a sleeker, racier look. It's the only example I've come across that has such a deck.

Do you have stories, photos, or more information about GW Invader clones? E-mail me at

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