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The MOST FUN you can have on water!

Arnie Gray and George Wooldridge's famous 10-foot, two-seat GW INVADER!!!*

And now, for your viewing edification, a random collection of GW INVADERS!! WOO HOO!!

This nice looking Invader comes with its own security system.
Don't even THINK about it....

This is the only example I have seen with such a deck. Notice the bumps on both sides of the cockpit. But the website where I found the photos states it is a mid-80s GW Invader.

People always have a smile on their face when they're riding in their GW...

Well, at least one of the DOGS is smiling

This GW Invader was featured in Classic Boating magazine. It looks like it has lived in at least two different states.
The article claims "35-40 mph with a 25 hp Evinrude".
I dunno about that. Must have been a real strong tailwind.

Some MANIAC converted his Invader to JET POWER!!

This is a beautifully restored GW Invader I saw on E-Bay...

Another really nice Invader...

It's a whole dock full of mini-boats!

*A special thank you to Nicki P for helping me with this website!!

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